“The Eternal Cruise” Murder Mystery Party Game




Captain Scott Emery is missing at sea.  He disappeared late last evening while inspecting his ship, “The Moonlight Princess”, on a cruise from Vancouver to Alaska.  A search was organized.  His cap was discovered on the upper deck amid scattered chairs and other signs of a struggle.  No other traces of the captain were found.  It is obvious he met with foul play.

The Suspects are:

 Tobie Corbett:  A personal guest of the captain…just how personal were they?

Tanya Corbett:  Tobie’s twin sister and traveling companion.  Had she packed more than clothes in her suitcase?

J.D.Nash:  A wealthy oil tycoon…but just a little too ‘slick’ for everyone’s liking.

Mary-Lou Nash:  A ‘Southern Belle’ vacationing with her husband.  She is always looking for new and exciting adventures.

Falcon Marlowe:  A little fellow on leave from the British Embassy.  Sailing isn’t really his cup of tea…pity.

Tim Sawyer:  First Mate on the Moonlight Princess.  Dreams of being Captain someday…soon.

Rita Fendley:  As the ship’s cruise director, she plans special events for passengers…was murder also in her plans?

Steve Walker:  Freelance photographer on assignment.  An unfriendly type,  with a scowl that would make you ‘shutter’.

Each murder mystery party game comes equipped with:

  • 12 PDF files consisting of:
    • A complete Party Planner with instructions, costume suggestions and an optional dinner menu
    • Invitations and name tags for your guests
    • 8 Character profiles with secret clues and backgrounds
    • The Author’s Solution to the murder
  • Audio File which re-enacts the sounds of the murder and outlines the plot.


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