A few years ago, our group of friends decided to host a murder mystery party using one of the “Evening of Murder” kits, and it was the first one that any of us had participated in. We had so much fun that we immediately planned another, and have since hosted many, many more. We’ve tested out a few other brands, but “An Evening of Murder” is absolutely our favourite. The mysteries are very well written and fully developed, with characters that are lots of fun to play, and situations that are interesting and immersive. There are always lots of surprising twists and turns that keep everyone guessing until the last minute, and the difficulty level is perfect – the solutions are not impossible to solve, but they are never obvious. The kits come with lots of party suggestions too, which help to add to the experience, but there’s also lots of opportunity to make it your own. We highly recommend “An Evening of Murder,” especially if you’ve never hosted a murder mystery party before. They are different every time, and always a ton of fun!